Visual Interaction (VI) has developed the award winning myGaze gaze tracking product line – premium quality, easy to use technology for a range of innovative gaze-based applications. myGaze® trackers rely on technology by SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) from Germany.

myGaze® Assistive 2 is gaze access of computer programs made easy and affordable. It is designed for special needs students and their teachers as well as adults who rely on gaze for communication. 

myGaze® Power gives people the ability to control the PC with their eyes – as they would by using the keyboard and mouse. It empowers high functioning users to preserve their independence and reach their aspirations despite their physical disabilities.

myGaze® n eye tracker and SDK have become the preferred choice for developers of innovative gaze-interaction products and applications.

The myGaze Assistive products are available from Inclusive Technology and your local resellers.



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